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ACA Round-Up: Iowa, Massachusetts Waivers Stymied; States In CSR Case Face Tough Questioning

Iowa could have simply applied for a reinsurance proposal, as did Alaska, Minnesota, and Oregon, all of which now have approved 1332 waivers. The governor and insurance commissioner contended that this would simply have prolonged the collapse of their market.

October 23, 2017 | Following the ACA

1332 Reinsurance Waivers Revisited: Could Oregon’s Approval Beget An Oklahoma Do-Over?

As a former state regulator, I hope CMS and Oklahoma can patch up any misunderstandings and put Oklahoma back on the path to expedited approval of its waiver. The beneficiaries would be not just Oklahomans but also the dozen or more states with their eyes on 2019 reinsurance waivers.

October 23, 2017 | Following the ACA, Medicaid and CHIP

Doctor Of Osteopathic Medicine: A Growing Share Of The Physician Workforce

Given the doctor of osteopathic medicine workforce’s higher likelihood of practicing in rural communities and of pursuing careers in primary care, doctors of osteopathic medicine are on track to play an increasingly important role in ensuring access to care nationwide, including for our most...

October 23, 2017 | Health Professionals, Population Health

Creating Medicare Advantage Premium Support for All, Part 2: Benefit Design

This post takes a closer look at the type of plan options we would have if we move to a Medicare-for-all system.

States, Amici Respond In California Cost-Sharing Reduction Payment Case

On October 21, 2017, attorneys general from eighteen states and the District of Columbia filed their responsive brief in California v. Trump. They were supported by filings from consumer and insurer groups, Democratic members of Congress, and Santa Clara County.

Government Files Response In Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments Suit, Lays Out Tough Standards For Iowa Waiver

On October 20, the federal government responded to the plaintiff states’ motion in California v. Trump for a TRO and injunction against the decision to cease cost-sharing reduction payments. The day before, CMS sent a letter responding to Iowa’s request for a 1332 state innovation waiver.

Request For Abstracts: Health and Health Care in California

Health Affairs is planning a theme issue focusing on the State of California, scheduled for publication in September 2018. We plan to publish about 20 peer-reviewed articles in the issue, including several invited overview papers that will highlight distinguishing features of California and...

October 20, 2017 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

The President’s Executive Order: Less Than Meets The Eye?

The executive order signed by President Donald Trump on October 12 does not itself change any federal regulations. Instead, it sets into motion a policy development process that could lead to new regulations or regulatory guidance within the confines of current law.

Single Payer Is Not The Solution To The Problem Of Uninsured Americans

The alternative to political-control single payer is consumer-choice market control; that is, for the government to create exchanges, offer premium support payments and access to the exchange, pay the price of the low-price plan in full (to facilitate universal access), and allow everyone to...

October 20, 2017 | Insurance and Coverage

ACA Round-Up: Oregon 1332 Waiver Approved, Silent Returns Rejected, And More

Oregon’s newly approved 1332 waiver proposal is the fourth such waiver proposal CMS has approved and the third proposal involving a reinsurance program. Oregon will reinsure 50 percent of claims, in excess of an attachment point to be determined, up to $1 million.

October 19, 2017 | Following the ACA