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The Latest Health Wonk Review

If you haven't already, check out Louise Norris' Fall Colors edition of the Health Wonk Review at Colorado Health Insurance Insider.

Whither Health Insurance Exchanges Under The Affordable Care Act? Active Purchasing Versus Passive Marketplaces

Health insurance exchanges are here to stay, and the principle of consumer choice among private health plans, with financial subsidies for low-income households, is now firmly entrenched. Two models, active purchasing versus passive marketplaces, have dominated the policy literature on health...

Risk Corridor Claims By Insurers Far Exceed Contributions (Updated)

CMS announced that insurers have submitted $2.87 billion in risk corridor claims for 2014. Insurers only owe, however, $362 million in risk corridor contributions. Thus payments in 2015 for 2014 will be paid out at 12.6 percent of claims, assuming full collections of contributions owed.

The Forgotten Chronic Disease: Mental Health Among Teens And Young Adults

Often forgotten as part of chronic conditions are mental health disorders in young people, which can lead to serious persistent conditions in adulthood. An expert panel joined together this March to inform the public about evidence-based strategies to prevent and combat chronic conditions.

Putting The Brakes On Global Road Crash Deaths: One Foundation's Efforts

The UN is addressing the dangerous conditions on roads all over the world in two of its new Sustainable Development Goals. Global road safety interventions funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies have saved an estimated 125,000 lives.

September 30, 2015 | Global Health, GrantWatch, Public Health

Moving Beyond Price-Per-Dose In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Hundreds of thousands of deaths, heart attacks, and strokes have been prevented due to lower cholesterol, yet many patients are missing out on lipid-lowering therapies. Our outdated "price-per-dose" model of pharmaceutical pricing limits access and produces a number of well-known side effects...

Remembering Oliver Sacks, A Pioneer Of Narrative Medicine

With the passing of Dr. Oliver Sacks, we remember an always-present presence for the worlds of literature, medicine, narrative, and health.

PACE And EACH Acts Pass House; CMS Addresses Consumers Enrolled In Multiple Plans (Updated)

The House of Representatives recently passed the Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees Act and the Equitable Access to Care and Health Act, which would amend the ACA if passed by the Senate. CMS also announced that it will being mailing notices to consumers enrolled in both minimum...

From The Archives: Deductibles And Out-Of-Pocket Costs

Welcome to “From the Archives,” a new Health Affairs Blog series, where we take a timely topic and delve into the literature and history, from a Health Affairs angle, of course. We recently published a Web First with results from a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) survey of employers, showing...