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CMS’ Proposed Changes To The Two-Midnight Rule: Partial Restoration of Medical Judgment

CMS recently announced proposed changes to the controversial Two-Midnight Rule, clarifying the circumstances under which Medicare will consider a given hospital stay to be an inpatient service, versus an outpatient service. The proposed changes would at least partially restore case-by-case...

Implementing Health Reform: Federal Court Rules On March for Life v. Burwell (Updated)

A federal court recently decided on another case challenging the contraceptive mandate. Although there have been numerous challenges to the mandate, this case distinguishes itself in its premise and in the consequences it will bring if it is upheld. Also included is an update on Q&As stemming...

The Value And Limits Of Economic Evaluation In Policy Analysis

Health care resources, no matter how represented, are ultimately finite. In spite of this, U.S. policy makers remain reluctant to engage in conversations that even hint at “rationing,” evidenced by the fact that PCORI is legislatively forbidden to include cost-effectiveness ratios in its...

Implementing Health Reform: IRS Proposes Modification To Minimum Value Rule

Following HHS, the IRS has proposed to require employer-sponsored group health plans to offer substantial coverage of hospitalization and physician services to meet the definition of minimum value coverage.

Rising Cost Of Drugs: Where Do We Go From Here?

The trends are clear: patients and institutions across the nation are concerned about skyrocketing drug prices. This post offers some information about drug pricing, explores the notion of market intervention, and proposes a series of responses to high pharmaceutical costs.

Avoiding Expensive And Consequential Health Care Decisions Based On Weak Research Designs

Long before Congress created the HITECH Act, giving $32 billion to health care providers to transfer to EHR vendors, plans for that windfall were created by an by Health Information Technology (HIT) vendors, HIT enthusiasts, and politicians. Much of the economic justification for the spending...

Narrative Matters: On Our Reading List

“Narrative Matters: On Our Reading List” is a monthly roundup where we share some of the most compelling health care narratives driving the news and conversation in recent weeks. This month covers topics on fertility, breastfeeding, addiction, nursing, life-prolonging technology, and more.

Health Policy Brief: Aligning FDA And CMS Review

A new policy brief from Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation touches on recent initiatives to close gaps between the medical technology evaluation processes of the FDA and CMS.

The Medicaid Expansion Experience In Michigan

Michigan is one of only six states with a fully Republican-led state government to expand Medicaid. The state created the Healthy Michigan Plan to provide coverage to nearly 600,000 residents. One year into this expansion, Michigan’s experience has confirmed some expectations but vastly...

What Should Public Health Officials Be Doing About E-Cigarettes?

Are electronic cigarettes a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes, or are they a new gateway to a lifetime of nicotine addiction? In the following blog post, I suggest five key steps that policymakers, regulators, and public health advocates should take on e-cigarettes.