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Implementing Health Reform: Court Won't Rehear Challenge To Contraceptive Coverage Accommodation

The DC Court of Appeals has denied a full-court rehearing of a panel decision on contraceptive coverage under the ACA. The panel had refused to enjoin the latest federal rule accommodating the objections of religious organizations to providing employee contraceptive coverage without cost sharing.

May 23, 2015 | Following the ACA

Request For Abstracts: Health Affairs Theme Issue On Vaccines

Health Affairs is planning a thematic issue on global progress and remaining challenges in achieving the goals of the Decade of Vaccines, the international effort to expand vaccine coverage to all children by 2020. We invite submission of abstracts for consideration for the issue by June 8, 2015.

New Health Policy Brief: Antibiotic Resistance

A new policy brief from Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes the repercussions of antibiotic resistance: when drugs have declining, limited, or no effectiveness in combatting certain bacterial infections.

How State Right-To-Try Laws Create False Expectations

Although these laws have created an expectation that terminally ill patients will be able to quickly access potentially life-saving treatments by being exempted from the rules of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), this expectation is, quite simply, false.

A Foundation Delves into Health Care Price Transparency

A foundation convened more than sixty Kentucky leaders in government, business, policy, and health care for a facilitated discussion about price transparency. Speakers were from the National Academy for State Health Policy, Consumers Union, Catalyst for Payment Reform, and other organizations...

Honoring Those Who Served: Closing Coverage And Access Gaps for Veterans

On this Memorial Day, as we honor the sacrifices of those who gave their lives serving in the US Armed Forces, it is also important to remember the living veterans and to assess how well the nation is meeting their health needs.

Access, Excess, And Medical Transformation: Delivering Durable Health Care In Rural Nepal

Picture a government hospital in remote rural Nepal that’s fourteen hours away to the nearest tertiary care center via dangerous roads.

Information Blocking: A New Term And The Promise Of A New Era In Electronic Health Information Sharing

With the breakneck pace at which new health information technology reports and regulations are released, the recent report from the ONC on health information blocking may have failed to hit the radar. But it should have, because of the key message it contains.

How Texas Lawmakers Continue To Undermine Women’s Health

Beyond limited access to health coverage, Texas consistently has lackluster health indicators -- particularly with regard to sexual and reproductive health care.

Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative: Expanding Episodes To Other Clinical Areas

After the first year of implementation of the episodic payment component of the multi-payer Arkansas Payment Improvement Initiative (APII), the state has identified both successes and challenges.