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Physician Burnout Is A Public Health Crisis: A Message To Our Fellow Health Care CEOs

Burnout among physicians is becoming a national health crisis. Leadership is needed to address the root causes of this problem and reposition the health care workforce for the future. The authors of this paper---the CEOs of our respective institutions---are committing to do just that.

Five Lessons From The AHCA’s Demise

Legislative efforts have a lifespan but our health care system does not. So whether we are still rejoicing or recriminating, let’s take a look at some timeless principles we can apply to the ongoing effort to improve health care in the United States.

Moving AHRQ Into The NIH: New Beginning Or Beginning Of The End?

The proposal to relocate AHRQ within the NIH is a threatening change, but under the right conditions a reorganization could represent a new beginning with an opportunity to refocus within a larger new home.

March 27, 2017 | Quality

'I’m Willing To Try Anything': Compassionate Use Access To Experimental Drugs And The Misguided Mission Of Right-To-Try Laws

Pharmaceutical companies, not the FDA, are the true gatekeepers for their proprietary products. Policymakers must take this into account and incentivize pharmaceutical companies to provide greater access to their products in development.

Reaching Beyond Delivery System Walls To Improve Colorectal Cancer Screening

Many value-based payment arrangements hold delivery systems accountable for achieving population health goals, which can best be met by engaging people who may never enter a medical office. Kaiser Permanente learned to reach beyond its walls to engage healthy members in colorectal cancer screening.

House Republicans Tweak AHCA Again; CBO Scores Earlier Changes

It is now reported that the full House will vote on the American Health Care Act on Friday, March 24. Late on March 23, a further manager’s amendment was offered, apparently to pick up more Republican votes. CBO updated its score for AHCA, reflecting earlier changes but not the latest tweaks.

Prescription Drug Regulation, Promotion, And Advocacy Has Gotten More Vexing In 2017

Early 2017 has been one of the most interesting and challenging times for anyone concerned with medication regulation and evidence-based prescribing — as well as for the patients and health care professionals who will be so heavily impacted recent policy changes.

Essential Health Benefits: What Could Their Elimination Mean?

In the effort to pass the American Health Care Act, House Republicans are looking to eliminate the requirement that health insurers cover “essential health benefits” (EHB). What are EHB and what would be the consequences of removing this requirement?

The New Line On The HHS Blog; Suit For Federal Money Owed CO-OP Dismissed

For the past nearly seven years, the HHS blog has regularly highlighted the achievements of the Affordable Care Act. With the change in administrations, the change in the HHS blog has been dramatic. Additionally, a judge dismissed a suit for federal money allegedly due an ACA CO-OP.

What Can US Policymakers Learn About Essential Health Benefits From Israel?

The Israeli system rests on the concept of competing private health plans selling care in a market of empowered consumers. But one crucial difference is how Israel approaches the question of what it means to be covered.