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To Launch And Sustain Local Health Outcome Trusts, Focus On ‘Backbone Resources’

Today’s world has limited resources for addressing the critical social determinants of health, such as education and child poverty. So perhaps it’s time in the New Year to get behind something more immediate: local health outcome trusts.

Cancer Surgery At Low-Volume Hospitals In California

While the value of considering volume of services as an element of quality improvement has never been clearer, many patients continue to receive procedures from health care providers who only infrequently do those procedures.

The Budget And Health Care: A Quick Rundown

The administration’s 2017 budget includes initiatives to increase access to mental health care, expand opioid abuse treatment, fight antibiotic resistance, combat the Zika virus, and fund a “cancer moonshot,” as well as provisions relating to the ACA, Medicare, and private insurance.

How Do State Health Policy Meetings Make A Difference? We Tried To Find Out

The Milbank Memorial Fund has been supporting meetings of the Reforming States Group for years. The fund's survey of this bipartisan group shows that policy actions have resulted from these meetings.

CMS Releases Form And Rate Filing Instructions For Five States, Quality Rating System Guidance

On February 5, 2016, CMS released 2017 form and rate filing instructions for insurers in five states. And in late January, HHS released updated guidance on the quality rating system (QRS) and enrollee satisfaction survey process.

Pediatric Vaccination: Who Bears The Burden?

With adequate investment from multiple partners, the well-oiled childhood vaccine delivery system will stay that way. Without attention, the country chooses to gamble our children’s health and the future.

Health Affairs February Issue: Vaccines

The February issue of Health Affairs explores the current environment in which vaccines are discovered, produced, and delivered. The issue also contains several studies examining the economic benefits and value of sustainably financing vaccinations in the United States and globally.

Decoupling Myths About Employment And Health Insurance

A recent study published in Health Affairs found that expanding Medicaid has had no appreciable effect on employment. This begs the question, why should employment changes or job reductions have anything to do with health insurance in the first place?

CMS Announces New Special Enrollment Period, Student Health Plan Guidance (Updated)

CMS has recognized a new special enrollment period for consumers who are without marketplace coverage because of their failure to file their taxes and reconcile advance premium tax credits for 2014. The agency also issued new guidance on premium reduction arrangements for student health plans.

Health Policy Brief: High-Deductible Health Plans

A new policy brief from Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) looks at high-deductible health plans (HDHPs), in which 25 percent of Americans with employer-sponsored health coverage are enrolled.