In the wake of mounting drug safety problems, Congress is considering legislation that would strengthen the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory authority to assure the safety of medications. Policymakers and the public are debating how to strike the right balance between drug safety oversight, the benefits of bringing new medications to market and ways to monitor safety over the life cycle of a drug.

On Tuesday, May 8, Health Affairs will hold a briefing in Washington, D.C. on the topic of improving drug safety and will release its May/June 2007 issue focusing on balancing risks and benefits in pharmaceuticals and other areas of health care. Mark McClellan, who has served as both FDA commissioner and administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, will join national health policy experts Peter Neumann, of Tufts-New England Medical Center, and Ellen Peters, of Decision Research, to discuss how best to obtain the benefits medications can bring while keeping patients safe.

When:  Tuesday, May 8; 1-2:30 pm
Where: National Press Club, Holeman Lounge
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