This past month the most-read posts on the Health Affairs Blog focused particularly on the quest for value and quality via evidence-based medicine (EBM), comparative effectiveness lessons from the UK, and new research on quality and P4P. Other highly read posts covered the continuing presidential campaign and state health reform debates; immigration policy; and a meeting of Wall Street analysts discussing health politics and policymaking. We welcome your continued comments.

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  1. EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE: The Difficult But Critical Step Of Adding Cost
    by Sean R. Tunis and David Eddy
  2. MEDICARE POLITICS: Heard On The Street
    by Rob Cunningham
  3. BLOG: Top Health and Medicine Blogs
    by Jane Hiebert-White
  4. QUALITY: Are Doctors Asking The Right Questions?
    by Rob Cunningham
    by Jonathan Gardner
  6. HEALTH AFFAIRS JOURNAL: Iglehart To Step Down From Editorship Of Health Affairs; Robinson To Become Editor-In-Chief
    by Chris Fleming
  7. REFORM: State Reforms And The Presidential Campaign: SCHIPs Passing In The Night?
    by Sarah Dine
  8. INSURANCE: Coverage For Immigrants: 5 Myths And A Health Plan In Mexico
    by Lee-Lee Prina
  9. P4P: Money Talks—But Only Sometimes
    by Chris Fleming
  10. COVERAGE: 1 Out Of 5 Nonelderly Adults Are Uninsured; Kids Faring Better
    by Jane Hiebert-White
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