In June, Health Affairs Blog featured a series of guest posts on pay for performance and offered blogs from the Global Health Council meeting and Annual Research Meeting of AcademyHealth, both held in Washington, D.C. Sign up for email or RSS feed alerts to stay on top of new postings. Additional commenting always welcome.

  1. Health Wonk Review: Washington Week
    by Jane Hiebert-White
  2. Toxic Waste In the U.S. Health System
    by Arnold Milstein
  3. Pay For Performance: From Quality To Value
    by James C. Robinson
  4. Designing Effective P4P Systems: It’s About Appropriateness
    by Howard Beckman
  5. Who Speaks For The Health Care Consumer?
    by Rob Cunningham
  6. Obama Health Adviser, Indiana Reform In Top 10 Blog Posts
    by Jane Hiebert-White
  7. Indiana: Health Care Reform Admidst Colliding Values
    by Mitchell Roob and Seema Verma
  8. Efficiency Measurement In P4P: Moving From Alchemy To Science
    by Tom Williams
  9. Flying Blind With $500 Billion: CMS To Unhood Part D Data
    by Rob Cunningham
  10. Global Health Conference Focuses On Community Health
    by Maurice Middleberg