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Eulogies: Allan Rosenfield, Paul Rogers, And Michelle Mayer

October 28th, 2008

The worlds of U.S. and global health lost several important people this month: Allan Rosenfield, Paul Rogers, and Michelle Mayer. Their lives underscore the importance of improving health and health care worldwide — and the many ways there are to leave a legacy behind. Allan Rosenfield, M.D., died Oct. 12 at age 75 from complications […]

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Expanding Primary Care: A Call To Action

October 27th, 2008

The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued its World Health Report of 2008 and strongly urged countries to act on robust evidence that ready access to primary care services forms the core of a rational, well-run health system. The title of the report underscores the urgency of its message: Primary Health Care — Now More […]

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5 Health Insurance Myths, And Paying For Reform

October 23rd, 2008

The problem with the private health insurance system in the United States is that sick people without insurance can’t find affordable policies. Covering the uninsured pays for itself by providing preventive care and reducing expensive emergency room care. Lack of insurance is the principal barrier to getting high-quality care. All of these statements represent “facts” […]

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Health Policy Bloggers On Election, Health Reform, And More

October 16th, 2008

It’s the morning after the final presidential debate. Today Joe Paduda (not Joe the Plumber, but a founder of the Health Wonk Review) weighs in with a substantive round-up of what the health policy blogs are saying about the election, the economy, and the presidential candidates’ health reform plans. Today’s terrific edition of the Health Wonk Review is […]

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Wennberg Honored By IOM For Impact On Health Care Delivery

October 15th, 2008

Dr. John E. Wennberg of Dartmouth has earned the prestigious 2008 Gustav O. Lienhard award from the Institute of Medicine for landmark research that has stretched over four decades. By recognizing Wennberg, the IOM paid tribute this week to Wennberg’s leading role in reshaping the U.S. health care system to focus on objective evidence and […]

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Yearly Insurance Premiums For Families Rise To $12,680

October 10th, 2008

Premiums for employer-sponsored health insurance rose to $12,680 annually for family coverage in 2008 — with employees on average paying $3,354 out of their paychecks to cover their share of the cost — and the scope of coverage has changed, with many more workers now enrolled in high-deductible plans, according to a recent article published […]

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Obama, McCain Plans; Uninsured; Reform Posts In Top 10 On Health Affairs Blog

October 7th, 2008

In the run-up to the election, a series of posts from economists on the right and left critiquing the presidential candidates’ health reform plans were the most-read entries for September on the Health Affairs Blog. At the top of the list, Henry Aaron looked at how Obama and McCain would cover the uninsured. In tandem […]

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How Will The Bail-Out Affect Health Care?

October 7th, 2008

The current issue of the Health Wonk Review highlights a number of bloggers who are writing on the potential effects of a $700 billion financial industry bail-out on insurers and the health care system. Jason Shafrin of the Healthcare Economist hosts this edition of the biweekly round-up of the best of health policy blogging.

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VP Candidates Debate Health Plans; Biden Uses Data From Health Affairs

October 3rd, 2008

In the vice presidential debate last night, Democratic VP candidate Sen. Joe Biden (DE) cited an estimate from a recent article in Health Affairs that 20 million Americans would lose their employer-sponsored coverage under the health reform plan advanced by Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (AZ). The Health Affairs article, a critique of McCain’s […]

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