As we close out 2008, here is a look back at the Health Affairs Blog posts that attracted the most readers this year. Analysis of health reform plans from the presidential candidates and a look ahead to policy options under an Obama Administration garnered the most attention. If you missed any of these posts, happy reading. Best wishes to all in the New Year!

  1. Obama’s Health Policy Options: 3 Scenarios
    by Jeff Goldsmith
  2. Covering The Uninsured: Cheap At Twice the Price
    by Henry Aaron
  3. Indiana: Health Care Reform Amidst Colliding Values
    by Mitchell Roob and Seema Verma
  4. U.S. Worst At Beating Death From Preventable Illness
    by Jane Hiebert-White
  5. The McCain Critique: Out Of Touch And Short Of Ideas
    by David Cutler
  6. Health Plan Scoring That Runs Out Of Bounds
    by Tom Miller
  7. Minority Health Legislation In The 110th Congress
    by Dora Hughes
  8. Medical Homes And Medical ‘Home Runs’?
    by Arnold Milstein
  9. McCain, Obama Health Plans Critiqued
    by Jane Hiebert-White
  10. Obama And Health Policy: Campaign Successes And Governing Plans
    by John Iglehart