In President Barack Obama’s first weekly video address to the nation this Saturday, he outlined his proposed stimulus package, including efforts on the health care front: “To lower health care cost, cut medical errors, and improve care, we’ll computerize the nation’s health record in five years, saving billions of dollars in health care costs and countless lives. And we’ll protect health insurance for more than 8 million Americans who are in danger of losing their coverage during this economic downturn.”

Next Monday (February 2), President Obama’s nominated Deputy Director at the new White House Office of Health Reform, Jeanne Lambrew, will speak at the 2009 National Health Policy Conference (NHPC) in Washington, DC. Co-hosted by Health Affairs and AcademyHealth, the NHPC is your first post-inaugural opportunity to hear directly from policymakers about plans for health care reform. The NHPC agenda offers insight from administration officials, policy analysts, state officials, and executives in the health care industry on proposed health care reform plans, including:

Priorities for the White House
Jeanne Lambrew, White House Office of Health Reform (confirmed)
Lawrence Summers, National Economic Council (invited)

State Strategies for Reform
Governor Jim Douglas (R-Vt)

The Congressional Policy Agenda
Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont)
Representative Pete Stark (D-Calif)
Congressional staff, including Wendell Primus, Office of the Speaker of the House of Representatives; Dan Elling, minority staff, House Committee on Ways and Means; and more

Perspectives from Employers
Steve Burd, Safeway

The Impact of Public Opinion
Joel Benenson, Benenson Strategy Group
Bill McInturff, Public Opinion Strategies

Register today  – and learn where health care reform is headed tomorrow.