Health reform tops the most-read list for April on the Health Affairs Blog. A series of posts on health IT looked at building the new technology into the delivery system, effect on patient-physician relationships, and more. Additional commenting is always welcome.

  1. No Direction Home: A Primary Care Physician Questions The Medical Home Model by Caroline Poplin
  2. Health Reform: Show Us The Money! by Jeff Goldsmith
  3. Propaganda and Prejudice Distort The Health Reform Debate by Merton Bernstein
  4. Oberlander: Health Reform Likely To Depend On Budget Reconciliation by John K. Iglehart and Chris Fleming
  5. Building Health 2.0 Into the Delivery System by John Halamka
  6. Payment Reform Should Drive Delivery System Reform by Francois de Brantes and Lawton Burns
  7. Indiana: Health Care Reform Amidst Colliding Values by Mitchell Roob and Seema Verma
  8. Stimulating Health IT: Hold On To Your Hats by Rob Cunningham
  9. Information Therapy, Health 2.0, And Patient-Physician Relationships by Rushika Fernandopulle
  10. The Attack on Health IT and Comparative Effectiveness Research: A Warning For What Lies Ahead by Linda Bergthold