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Early Medicare Buy-In: A Public Option Compromise?

December 8th, 2009

Whether to include a new public health insurance option as part of health reform legislation has bedeviled Senate leaders trying to hold on to the 60 votes needed to ultimately pass a bill. The idea of allowing some individuals to voluntarily buy into Medicare before age 65 has emerged as a possible component of a compromise in this area.

While the Medicare buy-in idea is mostly new to the current health reform debate on Capitol Hill, the idea has a pedigree in health policy circles, as Jeff Goldsmith pointed out several weeks ago on this Blog. Goldsmith said the solution to the public option conundrum was “hiding in plain sight” in the form of encouraging early Medicare buy-in. Read his entire post here.

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  1. Dr. M.Z.Younis Says:

    Lowering Medicare Age to 50+ is a good idea given that the Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services WILL increase and adjust the the LIFE TIME benefits, and improve the level of coverage and benefits (Drugs, Vision, ( and some cosmetics for extra skin on their nose, or face from aging) for Medicare and for the new age groups. Otherwise, we might be faced with a group of the elderly 65+ or 70+ who exhausted their life time benefits.
    Currently ,most individuals (50 years old +) covered under private insurance receive more comprehensive coverage than Medicare recipients.

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