Now that the President has signed health reform legislation, what happens next? Health Affairs editor-in-chief Susan Dentzer addressed that question in an appearance last night on the PBS NewsHour. In an interview with Jeffrey Brown, Dentzer discussed reform’s impact on the private insurance market, touching on how the new law will affect both insurers and consumers. In a second appearance tonight, Dentzer will discuss the new law’s impact on the uninsured, those on Medicare, and others.

For example, by 2014 insurers will no longer be able to restrict coverage for pre-existing conditions. For children, the ban on these restrictions will go into effect almost immediately, within six months of enactment, Dentzer said.  She also discussed several other topics, such as the new “individual mandate” that will require consumers to purchase coverage.

On the insurer side, Dentzer described the new requirement that insurers pay out in claims 80 percent of the premium dollars they collect in the individual and small-group markets, and 85 percent in the large-group market.