Below, we have tabulated for you a list of which three GrantWatch Blog posts were most read in July 2010. GrantWatch Blog, a fairly recent product of Health Affairs, launched in March 2010. 

At the top of the list was a “roundup” post on foundation-funded efforts in two areas: cardiovascular health and Medicaid. The work of the AstraZeneca Health Care Foundation and the Medtronic Foundation is mentioned in the cardio section. The Medicaid section highlights publications from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the Missouri Foundation for Health, and more.

Coming in at number two was a post titled “Reducing Health Care Disparites Affecting People with Diabetes.” This post focused on a Merck Company Foundation program, the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes.

Number three on the list was a post about a new GrantWatch paper published in the July 2010 print issue of Health Affairs and online (abstract is free to all). This paper titled “A Philanthropy Tackles Growth in Health Costs at the State Level” was written by David Sandman of the New York State Health Foundation and Anthony Kovner of New York University. (Sandman, you may remember, has also worked for the Commonwealth Fund.) In their article, the authors note that “among the states, New York is faced with particularly staggering health expenses.” 

So here are links to the three most-read posts:

(1) Roundup: Foundation-Funded Efforts in Cardiovascular Health, Medicaid

by Lee-Lee Prina (date of post: June 30, 2010)

(2) Reducing Health Care Disparities Affecting People with Diabetes

by Lee-Lee Prina (date of post: July 17, 2010

(3) New Paper: A Foundation’s Fight to Slow the Rate of State Health Spending

by Lee-Lee Prina and Stephen Langel (who is another senior editor at Health Affairs) (date of post: July 7, 2010)

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