I have put together a listing here of some foundation-related blog posts that you may want to check out. Now that summer has arrived, perhaps things are slowing down in your workplace, and you now have time for some professional reading! Links to a wide variety of posts follow.

Incidentally, if you work for a foundation and its blog is not listed on GrantWatch Blog’s “Blogroll,” please let me know about it.

Global Health

“Lessons from Zambia: Malaria Can Be Stopped,” Kent Campbell of PATH (an international nonprofit organization), Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Foundation Blog, June 21.

“Using Search Patterns to Track Dengue Fever,” Vikram Sahai, Official google.org Blog, May 30.

Health Care for the Elderly

Mental Health:

“Monika Eckfield: Helping Hoarders,” Rachael Watman of the John A. Hartford Foundation in its Health AGEnda blog, June 16. The post contains an interview with a nurse who received a Building Academic Geriatric Nursing Capacity “predoctoral scholarship award in 2004 to 2006 to study the effects of hoarding behaviors in older adults.”

Health Reform


“Exchange No ‘Slam Dunk’ for the Safety Net,” Barb Ladon of Arpegio Health (a health care consulting company), Colorado Health Foundation’s Health Relay blog, June 16.

“State Health Insurance Exchange Legislation: A Progress Report,” Sara R. Collins and Tracy Garber of the Commonwealth Fund, Commonwealth Fund Blog, June 16. This post includes a handy color-coded map, based on data from the National Conference of State Legislatures, on “the status of state legislation to establish exchanges.”

Role of Foundations:

“We Need Foundations to Innovate in Health Care,” Paul Gionfriddo (a blogger in Florida and former president of the Quantum Foundation), Our Health Policy Matters blog, June 8. Gionfriddo refreshes this blog on Wednesdays.

Home Health Care

“Tools for the Home Health Care Transition,” Deborah Center of the Colorado Center for Nursing Excellence, Colorado Trust CommunityConnections blog, June 15. In this useful and concise post, Center writes about an effort funded by a Partners Investing in Nursing’s Future grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and Northwest Health Foundation, along with matching funding from the trust, Caring for Colorado Foundation, and the Colorado Health Foundation.


“The Drug War Must End: More Evidence from Thailand,” Kathleen Kingsbury, Open Society Foundations Blog, June 21. Kingsbury is a communications officer at Open Society Foundations and a former staff writer at Time magazine.


“Making Sense of Medicare,” Martha Bauman, Endowment for Health’s InSight blog, May 6. Bauer is on the advisory board of this foundation in New Hampshire and is a columnist for the Keene (N.H.) Sentinel newspaper.

Non-foundation blog:

“Saving Medicare,” Vanessa Hurley, New America Foundation’s New Health Dialogue blog, June 3. Hurley is an analyst in New America’s Health Policy Program.

Palliative and End-of-Life Care

“Making Hard Decisions Easier,” Amy Berman of the John A. Hartford Foundation in its Health AGEnda blog, June 7. This popular blogger, who has been diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer, relates more of her experiences with the health care system. Here, she discusses advance directives, including the Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form, which the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), is disseminating.

“This Week in PubHub: Palliative/End-of-Life Care,” Kyoko Uchida of the Foundation Center, Philanthropy News Digest’s PhilanTopic blog, June 3. Uchida writes about reports funded by the RWJF, CHCF, and Open Society Foundations.

Substance Abuse

“Recover Alaska,” Bill Hogan of Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority, Rasmuson Foundation’s RF Blog: Reflect. Share, May 31. This post on an initiative funded by Rasmuson, the Mat-Su Health Foundation, and the trust authority, includes some thoughts from Steve Schroeder, former president of the RWJF, whom many of you may remember. He is now at the University of California, San Francisco.


“Telehealth: The Doctor Is in . . Another City,” Matt Perry, California Health Report, June 6. This blog is part of HealthyCal.org, which has initial funding from the California Endowment. “Once strictly termed telemedicine, today’s expansive definition of telehealth includes a variety of distance services,” Perry says.