October’s list of most-read Health Affairs Blog posts is led by Maribeth Shannon’s piece on the challenges of getting consumers involved in directing their health care. Several posts on the Medicare Shared Savings Program (ACOs) final rule also make the list, as do posts on the legal fight over health reform; the process of determining what “essential benefits” health plans will be required to cover; and medical liability reform.

The full list with links appears below.

  1. The Credible Threat Of Consumer Engagement,
    by Maribeth Shannon
  2. The Health Wonk Review Unadorned,
    by Chris Fleming
  3. The Affordable Care Act Supreme Court Petitions: Issues And Implications,
    by Timothy Jost
  4. Accelerating Innovation At The Centers For Medicare And Medicaid Services,
    by Don Berwick and Richard Gilfillan
  5. New Health Affairs: ‘Worst’ Hospitals Treat Much Higher Shares Of Minority And Poor Patients,
    by Chris Fleming
  6. Value-Based Payment, Accountable Care, And The ACO Final Rule: Are We Making Progress,
    by Douglas Hastings
  7. Essential Health Benefits: Balancing Costs, Coverage, And Necessity,
    by Kavita Patel
  8. The ACO Final Rule: Progress Toward Better Care At Lower Cost,
    by Mark McClellan and Elliott Fisher
  9. ACO Final Rule Addresses Perceived Barriers To Participation,
    by Chris Fleming
  10. Common Sense And Malpractice Reform,
    by William Sage