David Colby, vice president of Research and Evaluation at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), has announced the lineup for RWJF’s Most Influential Research Articles of 2011. As it has done in past years, the foundation has listed 20 RWJF-funded articles across the broad spectrum of its program areas. The articles were selected based on the significance and solidity of their research findings and their popularity, as measured by the number of times they have been viewed online.

RWJF is asking the public to vote to determine its “Final Five” most influential research articles of 2011. “As you cast your votes for the most influential, consider whether the research articles guided the field of policy and practice, influenced how the public thinks about health and health care issues, or changed long-held perceptions of the health care field at large,” the foundation says. Voting closes at midnight EST on December 23, and the results will be announced early next year.

Two Health Affairs articles were among last year’s Final Five. This year, six Health Affairs articles are among the 20 nominees; they are listed below. We encourage all readers to review the entire list of nominees and to cast their votes.

Listed alphabetically by lead author, the Health Affairs articles included in RWJF’s list are: