I was on vacation this past week. When I returned, I saw an e-alert from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Center for Health Policy Research with just “E. Richard Brown” in the subject line. The e-alert delivered the sad news that a few days earlier in April, Brown, known to all as “Rick,” had died unexpectedly at age seventy, while delivering a speech in Kentucky. He “suffered a devastating stroke,” the center said.

In remembrance of this bright and talented professor at UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health, who was also founding director emeritus of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, I share with readers links to the two pieces he wrote for the GrantWatch section of Health Affairs, one of which was among the most popular posts ever on this blog.  Let me also add that I found him to be a very nice person to work with—conscientious and inquisitive.  Rick Brown will certainly be missed.


Here is a link to Rick Brown’s February (2012) GrantWatch Blog post: “Sustaining and Extending Health Care Reform: Perspectives on the ACA [Affordable Care Act of 2010] from California.” He wrote here about a symposium at the UCLA Center on Health Policy Research. The symposium also honored his work as the center’s founding director. Click on his name to read more about his background, which includes being principal investigator of the well-known California Health Interview Survey (CHIS).

Read an obituary on the CHIS website.

He also was among the coauthors of a July 2006 GrantWatch peer-reviewed paper, “Can We Trust Population Surveys to Count Medicaid Enrollees and the Uninsured?” (The lead author of this paper was Jennifer Kincheloe.)


The university has set up a website at which people can write remembrances of Rick Brown: http://www.rememberingrick.com.