Diane Meier’s discussion of the barriers to palliative care and how we might overcome those barriers tops the list of most-read Health Affairs Blog posts for May. As an example of how the system should work but too often doesn’t, Meier cites the case of Amy Berman, who chronicled her experiences after being diagnosed with terminal breast cancer in the April Health Affairs Narrative Matters essay.

The April most-read list is headed by Ken Kaufman’s look at the causes of slowing health care spending growth. Kaufman argues that more than the troubled economy is behind this trend.

The full lists for both months are below. And as we await the Supreme Court’s Affordable Care Act decision, you can review Health Affairs Blog’s extensive series of posts on the oral arguments in that case, which are broken out in a separate list here.

Most-Read Health Affairs Blog Posts for May:

  1. Learning From Amy Berman: Barriers To Palliative Care And How We Might Overcome Them
    by Diane Meier
  2. A Social Compact For Advancing Team-Based High-Value Health Care
    by Pamela Mitchell, Leslie Hall, and Martha Gaines
  3. Drug Shortages: Why A Government Stockpile Falls Short As A Solution
    by Marta Wasinska
  4. Barking Up The Wrong Tree: Affordability, Not Cost Growth, Is The Policy Challenge
    by Jeff Goldsmith
  5. Get A Grippe: Lessons Learned From The Controversy Over Publication Of Pandemic Flu Research
    by Arthur Caplan
  6. Remembering Rick Brown: An Advocate For Reform And Data Driven Policy
    by Gerald Kominski
  7. Medicare Advantage Payment The Focus Again: This Time Around, Quality Bonuses
    by Marsha Gold
  8. Rick Brown: In Memory Of The Mensch Of Mentors
    by Chris Hafner-Eaton
  9. Evidence, Not Finances, Drives Urologist’s Care: A Critique Of Jean Mitchell’s Article
    by Deepak Kapoor and David Penson
  10. Urologists Self-Referral Led To Higher Utilization And Worse Results: Jean Mitchell Responds
    by Jean Mitchell

Most-Read Health Affairs Blog posts for April:

  1. Bending The Health Care Cost Curve: More Than Meets The Eye
    by Kenneth Kaufman
  2. Is Health Reform Fiscally Responsible?
    by Len Nichols
  3. Congratulations…And Now The Real Work On ACOs Begins
    by Steven Lieberman
  4. Public Reporting Of Health Care Quality: Principles For Moving Forward
    by David Lansky
  5. Medicare ACOs: The Integration Of Financial And Clinical Integration
    by Douglas Hastings
  6. New Health Affairs On Cancer Care: US Spends More And Gets More
    by Chris Fleming
  7. New Health Affairs: Lung Cancer Screening Insurance Benefit Would Save Lives At Relatively Low Cost
    by Chris Fleming
  8. Investing In Population Health: A Roadmap For The Future
    by Georges Benjamin
  9. Physician Specialty Groups Target Unnecessary Procedures
    by Chris Fleming
  10. The Fiscal Consequences Of The Affordable Care Act
    by Charles Blahous