“Your genome should belong to you, but it doesn’t always.” This statement, and a call to action to protect consumers’ rights to their genomic information, are contained in the most-read Health Affairs Blog post for June, a Contributing Voices piece by Sharon Terry and Robert Cook-Deegan.

June’s top-ten list also contains posts discussing the legal debate over the Affordable Care Act, electronic health records, and more. The complete list with links appears below.

  1. Your Genome Belongs To You
    by Sharon Terry and Robert Cook-Deegan
  2. The Supreme Court On The Affordable Care Act: What We Are Waiting For
    by Alice Noble and May Ann Chirba
  3. Can Active States Endure A Ground Shift? Implications Of The Supreme Court Health Reform Decision
    by Sonya Schwartz
  4. The EHR Has No Clothes
    by Barry Saver
  5. The Misplaced Emphasis On The Individual Mandate: Other ACA Features Are Far Worse
    by Richard Epstein
  6. Little Noted Provision On Agents And Brokers Could Mean Big Changes For Exchanges
    by Cindy Gillespie
  7. Implementing Health Reform: Essential Health Benefits And Plan Accreditation
    by Timothy Jost
  8. Choosing Wisely: Doctors Want To Do The Right Thing
    by Christine Cassel
  9. Why Prices Matter
    by John Goodman
  10. The Mysterious Diagnosis: A Reflection On Comparative Effectiveness
    by Michael Halpern