An examination of national health expenditures in 2010 was the most-read Health Affairs article from January through June of 2012.

This article, published in January, represents the latest installment of the annual retrospective health spending reports from researchers at the Office of the Actuary in the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Each year Health Affairs also publishes the CMS researchers’ spending projections for the coming decade; that article, published in June this year, also made the most-read list, at number 10. Health Affairs is proud to publish the CMS articles, which are considered the gold standard for health spending reports.

Number two on the most-read list is Howard Koh and coauthors’ description of the federal government’s health literacy initiatives and discussion of why health literacy is key to moving away from costly “crisis care.” The list also features Amy Berman’s Narrative Matters essay on accessing palliative care after being diagnosed with terminal cancer, as well as articles on health reform in Massachusetts, the relationship between physician electronic access to patient lab reports and the number of new tests ordered, and more.

The full top-ten list is below:

  1. Anne B. Martin et al.
    Growth In US Health Spending Remained Slow In 2010; Health Share Of Gross Domestic Product Was Unchanged From 2009
  2. Howard K. Koh et al.
    New Federal Policy Initiatives To Boost Health Literacy Can Help The Nation Move Beyond The Cycle Of Costly ‘Crisis Care’
  3. Danny McCormick et al.
    Giving Office-Based Physicians Electronic Access To Patients’ Prior Imaging And Lab Results Did Not Deter Ordering Of Tests
  4. Lisa I. Iezzoni et al.
    Survey Shows That At Least Some Physicians Are Not Always Open Or Honest With Patients
  5. Amy Berman
    Living Life In My Own Way-And Dying That Way As Well  [free full text]
  6. Tomas Philipson et al.
    An Analysis Of Whether Higher Health Care Spending In The United States Versus Europe Is ‘Worth It’ In The Case Of Cancer
  7. Sharon K. Long et al.
    Massachusetts Health Reforms: Uninsurance Remains Low, Self-Reported Health Status Improves As State Prepares To Tackle Costs
  8. Y. Claire Wang et al.
    A Penny-Per-Ounce Tax On Sugar-Sweetened Beverages Would Cut Health And Cost Burdens Of Diabetes
  9. Judith A. Hibbard et al.
    An Experiment Shows That A Well-Designed Report On Costs And Quality Can Help Consumers Choose High-Value Health Care
  10. Sean P. Keehan et al.
    National Health Expenditure Projections: Modest Annual Growth Until Coverage Expands And Economic Growth Accelerates