At Health Beat, Maggie Mahar has assembled a great collection of health policy blogging in a pre-election issue of the Health Wonk Review. Among the posts she highlights: A “contributing voices” Health Affairs Blog post by Joe Selby, the executive director of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, and Rachael Fleurence, a scientist at the organization.

The authors describe the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute’s two paths for choosing research to fund: an investigator-initiated path and a patient- and stakeholder-initiated path. As indicated by the title, they spend most of their time talking about the newer of the two paths, the patient- and stakeholder-initiated path.

“We recognize that our investigator-initiated process, even with the collaboration of stakeholders, could miss important questions that matter to patients and must be implemented judiciously.  So we initiated a second path … that directly involves patients and other stakeholders in generating questions that address specific problems identified as having a significant impact on them and the health care system as a whole,” Selby and Fleurence write.

For more on PCORI and comparative effectiveness research, see the October issue of Health Affairs, “Current Challenges In Comparative Effectiveness Research,” and the release event for the issue.