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Skeptical Look At P4P Leads HA Blog’s October Top Ten

Chris Fleming

November 6, 2012
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Will pay for performance backfire? That’s the question addressed in the most-read Health Affairs Blog post for October. Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely, and David Himmelstein [1] look to behavioral economics to explain the lack of evidence that P4P is benefiting patients.

Next on October’s top-ten list is Amy Boutwell’s [2] examination of efforts to prevent hospital readmissions and the new Medicare penalties for excessive readmissions, which kicked in on October 1. Following that is Sonya Schwartz’s [3] survey of which plans states are choosing as benchmarks for the “essential health benefits” that must be offered under the Affordable Care Act.

The full list of most-read posts for October appears below.

  1. Will Pay For Performance Backfire? Insights From Behavioral Economics [4]
    by Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely and David Himmelstein
  2. Time To Get Serious About Hospital Readmissions [5]
    by Amy Boutwell
  3. States Take A First Step On The Path To Essential Health Benefits [6]
    by Sonya Schwartz
  4. Do Medicare And Medicaid Payment Rates Really Threaten Physicians With Bankruptcy? [7]
    by James Rickert
  5. Transforming Care Through Transparency [8]
    by Anne Weiss
  6. Creating Outcome-Driven Health Care Markets [9]
    by Nakhil Sahni and Robert Kocher
  7. Realizing The Promise Of Integrated Care For The Dual Eligibles [10]
    by Robert Master
  8. Turning Consumers Into Shoppers: Using High-Deductible Plans Wisely [11]
    by Maribeth Shannon
  9. The Growing Bipartisan Support For Health Courts [12]
    by Philip Howard
  10. Health Policy Brief: Pay For Performance [13]
    by Chris Fleming

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