To mark World Diabetes Day, I wanted to call readers’ attention to the thematic issue on diabetes published by Health Affairs in January 2012. Much of the issue dealt with the diabetes crisis in the United States, but several articles dealt with the global diabetes epidemic. For example, K.M. Venkat Narayan of Emory University and colleagues argued for four “policy paradigm shifts” in the global battle against diabetes:

conceptually integrating primary and secondary prevention along a clinical continuum; recognizing the central importance of early detection of prediabetes and undiagnosed diabetes in implementing cost-effective prevention and control; integrating community and clinical expertise, and resources, within organized and affordable service delivery systems; and sharing and adopting evidence-based policies at the global level.

The issue also included a look at a diabetes pay-for-performance program in Taiwan. Interested readers can visit the Health Affairs website to view our briefing on the January issue.

Among other Health Affairs resources on the diabetes challenge around the world, see “Potential Savings In Mexico From Screening And Prevention For Early Diabetes And Hypertension,” by Angelica Castro-Rios of the Mexican Institute of Social Security and coauthors, and German Diabetes Management Programs Improve Quality Of Care And Curb Costs, by Stephanie Stock of University Hospital Cologne and coauthors. Both of these articles appeared in our December 2010 issue, which included a focus on battling chronic disease worldwide.