Tim Jost’s look at the 2012 election and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in its aftermath tops the list of most-read Health Affairs Blog posts for November. Jost’s piece is joined on the list by election-related posts by Chas Roades, James Morone, and Jim Capretta.

Second among November’s top ten is a look at pay-for-performance through the lens of behavioral economics, by Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely, and David Himmelstein. Other posts on the list discuss regulations issued under the Affordable Care Act; a new effort to promote outcomes measurement around the world; the VA Health System’s new “mega-database” for genomic medicine; and challenges for safety-net institutions in delivering accountable care.

The full list appears below.

  1. Election 2012: A Win For Health Reform But Much Work Remains
    by Timothy Jost
  2. Will Pay For Performance Backfire? Insights From Behavioral Economic
    by Steffie Wooldhandler, Dan Ariely, and David Himmelstein
  3. Implementing Health Reform: The Dam Bursts
    by Timothy Jost
  4. The Impact Of The 2012 Election On Health Systems And Providers
    by Chas Roades
  5. A New Initiative To Put Outcomes Measurement At The Center Of Health Reform
    by Michael Porter, Stefan Larsson and Martin Ingvar
  6. Elections Reveal America: Ten Takeaways From The 2012 Election
    by James Morone
  7. Implementing Health Reform: Essential Health Benefits Actuarial Value And Accreditation
    by Timothy Jost
  8. The Million Veteran Program: Building VA’s Mega Database For Genomic Medicine
    by Joel Kupersmith and Timothy O’Leary
  9. Health Policy After The Election
    by James C. Capretta
  10. Safety Net Challenges In Delivering Accountable Care
    by Stephen Shortell