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On GrantWatch Blog, Paul Gionfriddo Addresses The Tragic Events At Sandy Hook Elementary

Chris Fleming

December 18, 2012
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“Because early identification is a key to every prevention activity, every child in America should be screened for mental illness as a part of well-child examinations,” former Connecticut state legislator Paul Gionfriddo writes in “What Funders Can Do in the Aftermath of the Tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut [1].” Gionfriddo’s post was published yesterday on GrantWatch Blog [2], the sister site of Health Affairs Blog.

Gionfriddo also stresses that most violence is committed by those who are not mentally ill, and is often directed at those who are. “Now more than ever, we need anti-stigma campaigns to disassociate mental illness from violence in the minds of so many people,” he states.

You can read Gionfriddo’s entire post [1] on GrantWatch Blog. You can also read his account of his own son’s struggles with mental illness and the mental health system in the September 2012 Health Affairs Narrative Matters essay [3]. And watch Health Affairs Blog for more posts relating to the issues raised by the Sandy Hook shootings.


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