Editor’s note: Our sister blog here at Health Affairs, GrantWatch Blog, has also just published its most-read list for 2012.

Will pay for performance in health care backfire? That was the question addressed through the lens of behavioral economics by Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely, and David Himmelstein in the most-read Health Affairs Blog post for 2012. Next on the most-read list are two posts, one by Diane Archer and the other by Archer and Theodore Marmor, contrasting Medicare and private insurance. They are followed by Rushika Fernandopulle’s rethink of primary care and Ken Kaufman’s post suggesting that the recent slowing in health care cost growth reflects more than just temporary effects from the economic slowdown.

Many thanks to our readers and authors for making 2012 a good year for Health Affairs Blog. We had 369 posts and over 50 million pageviews, more than a 60 percent increase from 2011. Since we had many good posts that were closely grouped in the readership numbers, we’ve expanded this year’s most-read list to a “top 15” rather than a “top 10.” The full 2012 list is below.

Most-Read Health Affairs Blog posts for 2012:

  1. Will Pay For Performance Backfire?  Insights From Behavioral Economics
    by Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely and David Himmelstein
  2. Medicare Is More Efficient Than Private Insurance
    by Diane Archer
  3. Medicare And Commercial Health Insurance: The Fundamental Difference
    by Diane Archer and Theodore Marmor
  4. The Big Shortage: Rethinking The Need For More Primary Care Doctors
    by Rushika Fernandopulle
  5. Bending The Health Cost Curve: More Than Meets The Eye
    by Kenneth Kaufman
  6. Is Medicare More Efficient Than Private Insurance?
    by John Goodman and Thomas Saving
  7. Your Genome Belongs To You
    by Sharon Terry and Robert Cook-Deegan
  8. Patient-Centered Care: What It Means And How To Get There
    by James Rickert
  9. The Illegal IRS Rule To Expand Tax Credits Under The PPACA: A Response To Timothy Jost
    by Michael Cannon and Jonathan Adler
  10. Health Care Economics 101 And The Supreme Court
    by Jill Horwitz and Helen Levy
  11. Time To Get Serious About Hospital Readmissions
    by Amy Boutwell
  12. Election 2012: A Win For Health Reform But Much Work Remains
    by Timothy Jost
  13. Dismantling The Affordable Care Act: What Could A President Romney And Hill Republicans Do?
    by Timothy Jost
  14. An Evidence-Based Approach To Communicating Health Care Evidence To Patients
    by Chuck Alston and Patrick McCabe
  15. The Supreme Court On The Individual Mandate’s Constitutionality: An Overview
    by Timothy Jost