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P4P Concerns, Medicare Vs. Private Insurance Lead HA Blog’s 2012 Most-Read List

Chris Fleming

January 10, 2013
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Editor’s note: Our sister blog here at Health Affairs, GrantWatch Blog, has also just published its most-read list for 2012 [1].

Will pay for performance in health care backfire? That was the question addressed through the lens of behavioral economics by Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely, and David Himmelstein in the most-read Health Affairs Blog post for 2012 [2]. Next on the most-read list are two posts, one by Diane Archer [3] and the other by Archer and Theodore Marmor [4], contrasting Medicare and private insurance. They are followed by Rushika Fernandopulle’s [5] rethink of primary care and Ken Kaufman’s post [6] suggesting that the recent slowing in health care cost growth reflects more than just temporary effects from the economic slowdown.

Many thanks to our readers and authors for making 2012 a good year for Health Affairs Blog. We had 369 posts and over 50 million pageviews, more than a 60 percent increase from 2011. Since we had many good posts that were closely grouped in the readership numbers, we’ve expanded this year’s most-read list to a “top 15″ rather than a “top 10.” The full 2012 list is below.

Most-Read Health Affairs Blog posts for 2012:

  1. Will Pay For Performance Backfire?  Insights From Behavioral Economics [7]
    by Steffie Woolhandler, Dan Ariely and David Himmelstein
  2. Medicare Is More Efficient Than Private Insurance [8]
    by Diane Archer
  3. Medicare And Commercial Health Insurance: The Fundamental Difference [9]
    by Diane Archer and Theodore Marmor
  4. The Big Shortage: Rethinking The Need For More Primary Care Doctors [10]
    by Rushika Fernandopulle
  5. Bending The Health Cost Curve: More Than Meets The Eye [11]
    by Kenneth Kaufman
  6. Is Medicare More Efficient Than Private Insurance? [12]
    by John Goodman and Thomas Saving
  7. Your Genome Belongs To You [13]
    by Sharon Terry and Robert Cook-Deegan
  8. Patient-Centered Care: What It Means And How To Get There [14]
    by James Rickert
  9. The Illegal IRS Rule To Expand Tax Credits Under The PPACA: A Response To Timothy Jost [15]
    by Michael Cannon and Jonathan Adler
  10. Health Care Economics 101 And The Supreme Court [16]
    by Jill Horwitz and Helen Levy
  11. Time To Get Serious About Hospital Readmissions [17]
    by Amy Boutwell
  12. Election 2012: A Win For Health Reform But Much Work Remains [18]
    by Timothy Jost
  13. Dismantling The Affordable Care Act: What Could A President Romney And Hill Republicans Do [19]?
    by Timothy Jost
  14. An Evidence-Based Approach To Communicating Health Care Evidence To Patients [20]
    by Chuck Alston and Patrick McCabe
  15. The Supreme Court On The Individual Mandate’s Constitutionality: An Overview [21]
    by Timothy Jost

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