Happy New Year! We compiled a list of the ten most-read posts during 2012, in case you missed any of these.

The most-read GrantWatch Blog post in 2012 was on the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky’s Howard L. Bost Memorial Health Policy Forum held in September in Lexington. We invited author Gabriela Alcalde, who joined this funder’s staff in 2012 as health policy director, to blog about the forum’s highlights. Mary Takach of the National Academy for State Health Policy (NASHP) was among the speakers. Integrating medical and behavioral care, the topic of the forum and her post, is a subject that a number of foundations are interested in (see my GrantWatch column in the September 2012 issue of Health Affairs).

Posts on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s commitment to funding research and evaluation; views on the Affordable Care Act from speakers at a California symposium; what philanthropy should do to help implement the federal health reform law; and other topics also appear on this top-ten list, which follows. Health reform was the topic of four of the ten posts.

As you will see, GrantWatch Blog has included some well-known figures in health policy among its growing list of authors.

  1. “Report from the Field on a Kentucky Policy Forum on Integrating Medical and Behavioral Care,” by Gabriela Alcalde, October 4, 2012. Alcalde is health policy director for the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, in Louisville.
  2. “Still Committed after All These Years: Research and Evaluation at the RWJF,” by David C. Colby, who was recently named to a new position at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: vice president of public policy. We invited Colby, who has worked for the foundation since 1998, to blog about a webinar held by this major health funder. At the RWJF, which has just celebrated its fortieth anniversary, “We celebrate successes, but also we learn from mistakes,” Colby says. I think that he makes an important point here, and the foundation is to be congratulated for its candor.
  3. “Sustaining and Extending Health Care Reform: Perspectives on the ACA from California,” by E. Richard Brown, February 28. 2012. As many of you know, this author, who was a well-known professor in the School of Public Health at the University of California, Los Angeles, passed away a few months after writing this post. We invited Rick Brown, as he was informally known, to write about a symposium held by UCLA’s Center for Health Policy Research. Speakers included Peter Long of the Blue Shield of California Foundation, Kim Belshé, and Diana Bontá of the California Wellness Foundation.
  4. “Philanthropy and the ACA: Helping People Engage in Their Own Health and Health Care,” by James R. Tallon Jr., August 2, 2012. Jim Tallon, who authored this post, is president of the United Hospital Fund, in New York City. GrantWatch Blog invited Tallon to write about a Philanthropy New York event, which discussed some Affordable Care Act–related opportunities for foundations (albeit within an “environment of intense debate” in the United States, as he said.)
  5. “People Post: Foundation Staff and Board News; IOM Lienhard Award to Berwick,” by Lee-Lee Prina, November 21, 2012. Perhaps the explanation of this post’s popularity is similar to that for class notes in alumnae magazines: people like to read about others they know or at least have heard of. Or was it the name (Don) Berwick that attracted readers? Do you know of personnel news at the foundation you work for? Make sure and send it my way: I cover people news both on GrantWatch Blog and in the GrantWatch column in the journal.
  6. “Health Reform: How Philanthropy Can Be of Use: An Example from California,” by Sandra Shewry, September 20, 2012. Shewry, the Sacramento-based director of state health policy for the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF), writes about how this funder has been working with state officials to help implement various components of the Affordable Care Act. Shewry served as director of the California Department of Health Care Services during the Schwarzenegger administration.
  7. “Foundation Leaders Honored on Lists of Modern Healthcare and Forbes Magazines,” by Lee-Lee Prina, September 17, 2012. See which people were chosen for these lists.
  8. “People Post: Comings and Goings and Job Openings In Philanthropy,” by Lee-Lee Prina, July 12, 2012. Another “people post” attracts readers, and this one included some job openings—likely filled long ago.
  9. “Foundations Finance New Design Standard For Health Insurance Exchange Enrollment,” by Sam Karp, June 8, 2012. Here is another popular post from a CHCF staffer. This time the author is vice president of programs at this statewide foundation, based in Oakland. His subject is Enroll UX 2014, “a foundation-initiated project to develop the design of a consumer-friendly, online enrollment experience for health insurance exchanges.” CHCF was the managing partner for this project in which seven other foundations, several states, a federal agency, and a design firm participated. UX is short for user experience, in case you were wondering. Read some more about exchanges here.
  10.  “After Aurora: What Can Foundations Do?” by Annie Van Dusen Wohlgenant, July 31, 2012. GrantWatch Blog invited Wohlgenant, a Denver-based consultant, to write a post after the tragic shootings at a movie theatre in Aurora, a Denver suburb. This post, unfortunately, remains timely, because of the subsequent Newtown shootings. And, of course, this week the Aurora tragedy has been back in the news. Wohlgenant was formerly vice president of programs and health policy at the Colorado Health Foundation.