Arthur Kellermann’s post on the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School was the most-read Health Affairs Blog post for December. Kellermann’s post was followed by posts discussing primary care, stakeholder engagement, and bundled payments.

The full list appears below..

  1. Responding to Newtown
    by Arthur Kellermann
  2. Primary Care Vision From Family Physicians A Response To A Health Policy Brief
    by Reid Blackwelder
  3. Advancements In Stakeholder Engagement: Promising Tools And Practices
    by Coretta Mallery and Marilyn Moon
  4. Reforming How We Pay For Health Care: The Role Of Bundled Payments
    by Ken Thorpe
  5. Narrative Matters: A Physician Fights To Prevent Medical Errors From Killing His Mother
    by Chris Fleming
  6. Implementing Health Reform: No Partial Medicaid Expansion With 100 Percent Federal Match And Other Answers
    by Timothy Jost
  7. Public Opinion About Costs And Transparency: Learning From Massachusetts
    by Katherine Hempstead
  8. Implementing Health Reform: Benefit And Payment Parameters Proposed Rule
    by Timothy Jost
  9. “Out Of The Blocks”: Meeting The Challenge Of Transforming Health Care
    by Don Berwick and Clifford Marks
  10. Medicaid Expansion: Time For A Closer Look
    by Andrew Hyman and Heather Howard