Art Kellermann and David Auerbach’s look at the effects of health care costs on middle class incomes leads the Health Affairs Blog most-read list for January. Next on the list are three posts by Tim Jost looking at the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the continuing legal battles over the law. Also in the top ten are Katherine Hempstead’s take on what Massachusetts public opinion can teach us about restraining health care spending; Richard Frank and Jack Hoadley’s argument in favor of requiring manufacturers to pay a minimum rebate on drugs covered under Medicare Part D for those beneficiaries who receive the program’s Low-Income Subsidy; and Coretta Mallery and Marilyn Moon’s review of methods for increasing stakeholder involvement in research.

The full list is below.

  1. Health Care Cost Growth Is Hurting Middle-Class Families
    by Arthur Kellermann and David Auerbach
  2. Implementing Health Reform: Moving Forward On Exchanges
    by Timothy Jost
  3. Implementing Health Reform: The Employer Mandate
    by Timothy Jost
  4. A Year-End Affordable Care Act Litigation Round-Up
    by Timothy Jost
  5. CMS Spending Articles Lead Health Affairs Top-Ten List For 2012
    by Chris Fleming
  6. Public Opinion About Costs And Transparency: Learning From Massachusetts
    by Katherine Hempstead
  7. New Health Affairs: Spending Growth Remained Low In 2011
    by Chris Fleming
  8. The Medicare Part D Drug Rebate Proposal: Rebutting An Unpersuasive Critique
    by Richard Frank and Jack Hoadley
  9. Advancements In Stakeholder Engagement: Promising Tools And Practices
    by Coretta Mallery and Marilyn Moon
  10. January Health Affairs Examines Rocky Road Of Delivery System Transformation
    by Chris Fleming