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The Effects Of Health Costs On Family Incomes Leads HA Blog January Top Ten

Chris Fleming

February 13, 2013
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Art Kellermann and David Auerbach’s [1] look at the effects of health care costs on middle class incomes leads the Health Affairs Blog most-read list for January. Next on the list are three posts by Tim Jost looking at the implementation [2] of the Affordable Care Act [3] and the continuing legal battles [4] over the law. Also in the top ten are Katherine Hempstead’s [5] take on what Massachusetts public opinion can teach us about restraining health care spending; Richard Frank and Jack Hoadley’s [6] argument in favor of requiring manufacturers to pay a minimum rebate on drugs covered under Medicare Part D for those beneficiaries who receive the program’s Low-Income Subsidy; and Coretta Mallery and Marilyn Moon’s [7] review of methods for increasing stakeholder involvement in research.

The full list is below.

  1. Health Care Cost Growth Is Hurting Middle-Class Families [8]
    by Arthur Kellermann and David Auerbach
  2. Implementing Health Reform: Moving Forward On Exchanges [9]
    by Timothy Jost
  3. Implementing Health Reform: The Employer Mandate [10]
    by Timothy Jost
  4. A Year-End Affordable Care Act Litigation Round-Up [11]
    by Timothy Jost
  5. CMS Spending Articles Lead Health Affairs Top-Ten List For 2012 [12]
    by Chris Fleming
  6. Public Opinion About Costs And Transparency: Learning From Massachusetts [13]
    by Katherine Hempstead
  7. New Health Affairs: Spending Growth Remained Low In 2011 [14]
    by Chris Fleming
  8. The Medicare Part D Drug Rebate Proposal: Rebutting An Unpersuasive Critique [15]
    by Richard Frank and Jack Hoadley
  9. Advancements In Stakeholder Engagement: Promising Tools And Practices [16]
    by Coretta Mallery and Marilyn Moon
  10. January Health Affairs Examines Rocky Road Of Delivery System Transformation [17]
    by Chris Fleming

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