The list of most-read Health Affairs Blog posts for April includes four posts in Tim Jost’s ongoing series on implementing the Affordable Care Act; number one on the top-ten list is Tim’s post about proposed regulations on health insurance exchange navigators. The list also includes posts on accountable care organizations, patient-centered care, controlling health care costs. and more.

The full list is below:

  1. Implementing Health Reform: Proposed Regulations for Exchange ‘Navigators’
    by Timothy Jost
  2. Continued Growth Of Public And Private Accountable Care Organizations
    by David Muhlestein
  3. Patient-Centered Care: What It Means And How To Get There
    by James Rickert
  4. Implementing Health Reform: Progress, But Much Work Remains
    by Timothy Jost
  5. Indexed Health Care: An Evolving Health Policy Proposal
    by Paul Ellwood
  6. Implementing Health Reform: Final Rule on Increased Federal Medicaid Matching Funds and FAQ on Medicaid Premium Assistance Programs
    by Timothy Jost
  7. Why Don’t the Republicans Have a Vision for Health Reform?
    by John Goodman
  8. Implementing Health Reform: Funding Exchange Navigator Programs
    by Timothy Jost
  9. Practice Redesign Isn’t Going To Erase The Primary Care Shortage
    by Jeff Goldsmith
  10. Population Health Management In Medicare Advantage
    by Christopher Tompkins, Aparna Higgins, Jennifer Perloff, and German Veselovskiy