With the success or failure of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) having significant implications for the U.S. health care system, David Muhlestein’s post on the slowed growth of ACOs was the most-read post on Health Affairs Blog in November. Next on the list is James Rickert’s discussion of patient-centered care, followed by two posts by Timothy Jost on health insurance policy terminations and events in the individual market, including mental health and substance abuse parity.

The full list appears below.

  1. Why Has ACO Growth Slowed?
    by David Muhlestein
  2. Patient-Centered Care: What It Means And How To Get There
    by James Rickert
  3. Implementing Health Reform: An ‘Administrative Fix’ For Policy Cancellations
    by Timothy Jost
  4. Implementing Health Reform: The Individual Market; Mental Health And Substance Abuse Parity
    by Timothy Jost
  5. Decline In Utilization Rates Signals A Change In The Inpatient Business Model
    by Mark Grube, Kenneth Kaufman, and Robert York
  6. Implementing Health Reform: Exemptions From The Individual Mandate
    by Timothy Jost
  7. Medicare Physician Payment Reform: An Analysis Of The New Congressional Proposal
    by Ron Klar
  8. Implementing Health Reform: Individual Mandate Deadline Extended; What’s Behind The Policy Cancellation Stories?
    by Timothy Jost
  9. Medicare Is More Efficient Than Private Insurance
    by Diane Archer
  10. Implementing Health Reform: The October Exchange Enrollment Report
    by Timothy Jost