Given the controversy over the Affordable Care Act’s impact on the health care system, it’s no surprise Andrew Steinmetz, Ralph Muller, Steven Altschuler, and Ezekiel Emanuel‘s post about hospital executives’ largely positive view of health reform was the most-read post on Health Affairs Blog in December. Next on the list, for the third month in a row, was James Rickert‘s discussion of patient-centered care; this was followed by Timothy Jost‘s post on exemptions from the individual mandate and Mary Ersek and David Stevenson‘s post on the challenges and opportunities involved in integrating palliative care into nursing homes.

The full list appears below.

  1. Health Care Reform: Views From The Hospital Executive Suite
    by Andrew Steinmetz, Ralph Muller, Steven Altschuler, and Ezekiel Emanuel
  2. Patient-Centered Care: What It Means And How To Get There
    by James Rickert
  3. Implementing Health Reform: Exemptions From The Individual Mandate
    by Timothy Jost
  4. Integrating Palliative Care into Nursing Homes: Challenges and Opportunities
    by Mary Ersek and David Stevenson
  5. Implementing Health Reform: Affordable Care Act Roundup
    by Timothy Jost
  6. Why Are Cancer Drugs Commonly the Target of Schemes to Extend Patent Exclusivity? 
    by Rena Conti
  7. Decline in Utilization Rates Signals a Change In the Inpatient Business Model
    by Robert York, Kenneth Kaufman, and Mark Grube
  8. Implementing Health Reform: Allowing Consumers With Nonrenewed Policies To Buy Catastrophic Coverage and Other Developments
    by Timothy Jost
  9. Progress Report: The Affordable Care Act’s Extended Dependent Coverage Provision
    by T.R. Goldman
  10. Implementing Health Reform: The 2015 Notice Of Benefit And Payment Parameters Proposed Rule; ACA Supreme Court Litigation
    by Timothy Jost