Continuing in our mission to provide relevant, timely, and original content on health policy issues, Health Affairs Blog today begins a new featured topic titled “Drugs and Medical Innovation.”

These areas have long been central in health care and health policy, and recent developments have heightened their importance even more. The US health system has increasingly coalesced around transitioning from payment systems that reward high-volume care to those that reward value in health care services and technology. This has brought to the fore questions about how to evaluate and pay for prescription drugs and other medical technologies in a way that encourages access and innovation, but at the same time is affordable for consumers and public and private payers. These questions have been sharpened by the emergence of drugs and other technologies—such as the Hepatitis C treatments Solvaldi and Harvoni—that promise great benefit but also carry great cost.

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We are grateful for the support of The Innovation and Value Initiative (IVI) for this series. IVI is a multi-stakeholder scientific initiative launched by Precision Health Economics to advance the science of value measurement and find common ground in how we measure and reward value in the health care marketplace. All blog posts submitted for this topic are subject to Health Affairs’ standard vetting and selection process. You can find our complete archive of historical posts on topics surrounding drugs and medical technology here.

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