In the nearly seven years since it was enacted, the Affordable Care Act has been the focus of intense activity, study and debate — including in the pages of Health Affairs journal, blog, and briefs. As the new administration prepares to take office, the law’s future is more uncertain than ever. And, the potential impact of any efforts to repeal, replace, or amend the Affordable Care Act will be enormous and complex. As policy makers, consumers, community activists, clinicians and corporate leaders look ahead, they will need to rely on the deep library of research, commentary, and analysis that Health Affairs has published over the years and continues to feature.

To make that a little easier, we’ve created a new resource hub where you can find all of our most recent articles on the topic, as well as a few timeless classics that suddenly seem more relevant than ever. We’re calling it our From Obamacare to Trumpcare hub, and we hope you’ll find everything you need to better understand this incredibly volatile and important moment in health policy.