Last week we shared the 10 most-read Health Affairs articles of 2016. Today, we have a new list — the 10 Health Affairs articles that received the most attention this past year. These articles were widely shared on Twitter and Facebook and promoted to a broader consumer audience in the news media. At the top of this list are those articles that our readers most frequently sent to their friends and debated with their colleagues. And they’re the ones you saw featured in headlines and cited in op-eds while scrolling through your social media feeds.

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  1. Medical Marijuana Laws Reduce Prescription Medication Use In Medicare Part D
  1. National Health Expenditure Projections, 2015-25: Economy, Prices, And Aging Expected To Shape Spending And Enrollment
  1. National Health Spending: Faster Growth In 2015 As Coverage Expands And Utilization Increases
  1. Return On Investment From Childhood Immunization In Low- And Middle-Income Countries, 2011-20
  1. The Origins And Demise Of The Public Option
  1. Population Well-Being Measures Help Explain Geographic Disparities In Life Expectancy At The County Level
  1. Abstinence Funding Was Not Associated With Reductions In HIV Risk Behavior In Sub-Saharan Africa
  1. Health Benefits In 2016: Family Premiums Rose Modestly, And Offer Rates Remained Stable
  1. Modeling The Economic Burden Of Adult Vaccine-Preventable Diseases In The United States
  1. Low-Income Working Families With Employer-Sponsored Insurance Turn To Public Insurance For Their Children