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About GrantWatch

Since 1987, Health Affairs has published news and insights about health care and health policy philanthropy in its ongoing journal section called GrantWatch. GrantWatch has had a blog presence since March 2010.

The GrantWatch section of Health Affairs Blog features news and updates about health grant making, particularly as it relates to current health policy issues. Blog content includes information on foundation-funded reports and on new initiatives and grants, plus news from foundation meetings, occasional “People Posts” announcing personnel changes and job openings at foundations, and more.

GrantWatch blog content supplements longer peer-reviewed articles on health philanthropy that continue to appear in some monthly issues of the journal—in print and online. In issues without a peer-reviewed article, the senior editor for GrantWatch writes round-up columns on what foundations have been funding in a variety of areas ranging from children’s health care to substance use prevention.

If you are on the GrantWatch e-alert list, you receive a monthly e-mail digest with links to new GrantWatch content, both on the blog and in the journal.

Comments from GrantWatch readers are welcome. Just as on the other sections of Health Affairs Blog, we ask that commenters use their real name. Comments are moderated for topic relevancy and cordiality.