Adriane Lesser is a senior research analyst at the nonprofit West Health Institute focused on developing innovations and best practices in geriatric emergency care through a range of projects and partnerships with key stakeholders in the field. These projects include development of a clinical data research registry for select geriatric emergency departments (GEDs), research on the launch of a new GED, and piloting of an acute care telehealth program at assisted living facilities. She has developed expertise in the design, implementation, and evaluation of community-based health interventions through her current and previous positions (which include research analyst at the Duke Global Health Institute and serving as a Council of Women World Leaders Public Health Fellow).

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The Journey Of Geriatric Emergency Medicine: Acceleration, Diffusion, And Collaboration As Keys To Continued Growth

Continuing to grow the field of geriatric emergency medicine will require increased collaboration between policy makers, health care administrators, clinicians, caregivers, and patients to ensure emergency departments deliver appropriate care to seniors.