David Auerbach is an external adjunct faculty member at the Center for Interdisciplinary Health Workforce Studies at Montana State University College of Nursing.

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How Should We Prepare For The Wave Of Retiring Baby Boomer Nurses?

The retirement of one million registered nurses from the nursing workforce between now and 2030 will mean that their accumulated years of nursing experience leave with them. Now is the time to anticipate and prepare for the retirement wave of the nation’s RN workforce.

Addressing Price Variation In Massachusetts

Massachusetts has been a national leader in ensuring access to high quality coverage and health care. While the state has made progress on a number of fronts, one substantial ongoing challenge is the significant variation in provider prices for the same sets of services.

Health Care Cost Growth Is Hurting Middle-Class Families

In the September, 2011 issue of Health Affairs, we examined the impact of a decade of health care cost growth on the income of a typical, median-income family of four with employer-sponsored health insurance. To recap, between 1999 and 2009, the middle-class family’s nominal monthly income...