Peter B. Bach, M.D. is the Director for the Center for Health Policy and Outcomes at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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US Drug Prices And R&D, Take 2: A Reply To Grabowski And Manning, And To Light

Recently we published a Health Affairs Blog post refuting the pharmaceutical industry argument that higher US prices are necessary to support R&D. While we appreciate the responses from Grabowski and Manning and from Light, we think they may have misunderstood our analysis.

R&D Costs For Pharmaceutical Companies Do Not Explain Elevated US Drug Prices

The pharmaceutical industry often explains that the higher prices they charge in the US provide them with the funds they need to conduct their high-risk research. This claim is empirically testable.

Yes, Providing Cancer Drugs In Multiple Vial Sizes Could Save Patients and Payers Money

Recently Health Affairs Blog published a post by Professors Sherry Glied and Bhaven Sampat projecting that although the waste we identified is a sizable problem, the solutions we offered may be incomplete. We address their concerns and emphasize next steps for policymakers.