Dr. Alan Balch is Chief Executive Officer of the Patient Advocate Foundation. He has served as the vice president of the Preventive Health Partnership—a nationwide health promotion collaboration among the American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and American Heart Association.

Prior to this position, Balch was the executive director of Friends of Cancer Research—a Washington, D.C., based nonprofit that works with members of the medical, scientific, and advocacy community to identify and overcome barriers to the advancement of cancer research.

Balch is currently a member of the Board of Directors and serves as treasurer for the Center for a New American Dream. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Patient Advocate Foundation and National Patient Advocate Foundation. He is a member of the National Committee for Quality Assurance’s Wellness and Health Promotion Advisory Committee and serves on the Advisory Board for both the Patient Resource Cancer Guides and the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.

He received his doctoral degree in Environmental Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2003. His doctoral work focused on political economy and public policy. He also holds a Master’s in Environmental Sciences from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

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