M. Gregg Bloche, M.D., J.D. is a professor of law at Georgetown University and a member of the Health Affairs editorial board. He studies and writes on the connections between health care organization, market and regulatory incentives, clinical behavior, and the doctor-patient relationship.

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Health Policy’s Gordian Knot: Rethinking Cost Control

The central, intractable obstacle to long-term cost containment is the near impossibility of saying “no” to ever-more-expensive care that yields small marginal benefits.

Caring, Freeloading, And The Fate Of The Affordable Care Act

At the heart of the case for medical coverage for all isn’t the public’s health; it’s private tragedy.  Serious illness plunges people into a realm of Dickensian choice.  Some forgo life-prolonging treatment to preserve life savings for loved ones.  Others lose their homes or go bankrupt. ...