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Mary Ann Chirba holds a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Colgate University, and earned a Juris Doctorate from Boston College Law School, and Master’s in Public Health and a Doctorate in Science from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Since 1984, Professor Mary Ann Chirba has taught a variety of courses at Boston College Law School, including Legal Reasoning Research & Writing, Health Care Law and Policy I and II, Comparative Health Law, and Product Liability Law. She also lectures on various health law issues at Harvard Medical School, Children’s Hospital of Boston, and Brandeis University. In past years, Professor Chirba has been an adjunct faculty member at the Harvard School of Public Health, where she taught courses on Pharmaceutical Product Safety, “The Tobacco Wars,” Current Developments in Health Law, Managed Care Law & Regulation, and Medical Malpractice & Risk Management. A former litigator, she has also been certified by the American Health Law Association as a mediator and arbitrator. 

Her current research interests are varied and include federal and state health care reform, ERISA preemption of state efforts to regulate managed care, the use of law and regulation to promote medical product safety, and emerging federal and international guidelines for embryonic and adult stem cell research.

Along with Prof. Alice Noble, and several practitioners, she is co-authoring the Lexis/Matthew Bender Treatise on the Affordable Care Act, scheduled for publication in the summer of 2012.

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