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Christopher Fleming, J.D., is the social media manager at Health Affairs. Before coming to Health Affairs, he worked as a health policy journalist at Medicine and Health.

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Request For Abstracts: Health Affairs Theme Issue On Behavioral Health

Health Affairs is planning a theme issue on behavioral health, which will present work pertaining to policies involved in the delivery of mental health and substance abuse services. We invite all interested authors to submit abstracts for consideration for this issue.

August 18, 2015Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs’ August Issue: Hospital Quality And Care

The August issue of Health Affairs contains a cluster of articles focusing on hospital quality and care. Other subjects covered in this variety issue: ways state vaccine exemption laws affect disease outbreaks; how states with strong health insurance rate review managed lower premiums;...

Health Affairs Web First: Health Spending Growth To Remain Moderate Compared To Pre-Recession Highs

New estimates released today from the Office of the Actuary at CMS project a 5.5 percent rate of health spending growth for 2014. The average rate of longer-term projected growth is 5.8 percent for 2014–24, exceeding the expected average growth in GDP by 1.1 percentage points.

The Latest Health Wonk Review

The latest Health Wonk Review by Hank Stern at InsureBlog includes a Health Affairs Blog post by Donald Light citing an "epidemic of harm" from drugs approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

July 22, 2015Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

The Latest Health Wonk Review

While you're waiting for the Supreme Court to decide King v. Burwell, check out the last couple of Health Wonk Reviews.

June 25, 2015Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Event Reminder: The Medi-Cal Waiver And Health System Improvement In California

The editors of Health Affairs invite you to join us for an important briefing, "The Medi-Cal Waiver: Perspectives on Promoting Health System Improvement in California," on Thursday, June 11, in Sacramento (live webcast also available).

The Latest Health Wonk Review

Last week, Julie Ferguson put up the latest Health Wonk Review at Workers' Comp Insider. Julie offers a smorgasbord of great posts, including Preeti Malani's Health Affairs Blog post on the intersection of politics and HIV in Indiana.

May 28, 2015Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Web First: Are Marketplace Enrollees Sicker Than Those With Employer-Sponsored Insurance?

To date little is known about the health status of the 7.3 million Americans who signed up for health insurance through either federal- or state-run exchanges created by the ACA. One effective way to gain information is to examine their use of prescription drugs.

New Health Policy Brief: Antibiotic Resistance

A new policy brief from Health Affairs and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation describes the repercussions of antibiotic resistance: when drugs have declining, limited, or no effectiveness in combatting certain bacterial infections.

The Latest Health Wonk Review

Joe Paduda's Health Wonk Review includes Tim Jost's Health Affairs Blog post on Republican alternatives to the Affordable Care Act.

April 28, 2015Elsewhere@ Health Affairs