Christopher Fleming, J.D., is the Blog Editor at Health Affairs. Before coming to Health Affairs, he worked as a health policy journalist at Medicine and Health.

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A New Health Affairs Blog Featured Topic: ‘Drugs And Medical Innovation’

Today, Health Affairs Blog begins a new featured topic titled “Drugs and Medical Innovation.”

September 15, 2016Drugs and Medical Innovation

Health Affairs’ July Issue: ACA Coverage, Health Spending, And More

The July issue of Health Affairs, a variety issue, covers a broad range of topics: the Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage provisions; improvements in emergency department care; trends in health spending by different income groups; and more.

July 6, 2016Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

A Pot Luck Health Wonk Review

The posts for this week’s Health Wonk Review are an interesting and varied lot. Accordingly, despite the absence of a post on medical marijuana, we’ll call this a “Pot Luck” edition of the Health Wonk Review.

Health Affairs Web First: New Methodology To Examine Spending Patterns For End-Of-Life Care

A new study, released as a Web First by Health Affairs, looked at 2012 Medicare administrative claims data and identified four unique spending trajectories.

Tomorrow’s Health Affairs Global Health Forum: Reminder

Join us tomorrow, Tuesday June 14, for a Health Affairs global health forum covering patient safety, cancer care, universal health coverage, and innovation. Follow live tweets @Health_Affairs and join the conversation with #globalhealth.

Health Affairs’ June Issue: Behavioral Health

The June issue of Health Affairs explores the topic of behavioral health, including racial and ethnic disparities in treatment, trends in financing of behavioral health and substance use disorder treatment, the portrayal of mental health issues in the media, and more.

Health Affairs Founding Editor John Iglehart Receives William B. Graham Health Services Research Prize

Health Affairs congratulates our founding editor, John K. Iglehart, on being named the 2016 recipient of the William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research for his contributions to the health of the public through health services management, health policy development, and healthcare delivery.

May 20, 2016Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Request For Abstracts: Work And Health

Calling all abstracts on work and health!

May 19, 2016Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Web First: For Medical Procedures, Costs Vary Greatly By Locale

A new study, released as a Web First by Health Affairs, examined the variations in the prices for 242 common medical services in 41 states and the District of Columbia, using a national multipayer commercial claims database for the years 2012 and 2013.

Health Affairs April Issue: Patients’ & Consumers’ Use Of Evidence

The April issue of Health Affairs examines patients’ and consumers’ use of evidence to inform health care decisions. The issue includes studies about the role of evidence in health care decisions, the barriers associated with collecting and using data, and opportunities to engage with patients...

April 4, 2016Elsewhere@ Health Affairs