Rena M. Conti, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Health Policy at The University of Chicago, Department of Pediatrics, Section of Hematology/Oncology, and Department of Public Health Sciences.

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The 340B Program: Mandatory Reporting, Alternative Eligibility Criteria Should Be Top Priorities For Congress

Previous assessments of the 340B program have largely focused on cherry-picked participants. But DSH hospitals that participate in 340B are quite diverse. A priority for policymakers should be more systematic and timely data on participating DSH hospitals’ 340B revenue and safety-net services.

Yes, Providing Cancer Drugs In Multiple Vial Sizes Could Save Patients and Payers Money

Recently Health Affairs Blog published a post by Professors Sherry Glied and Bhaven Sampat projecting that although the waste we identified is a sizable problem, the solutions we offered may be incomplete. We address their concerns and emphasize next steps for policymakers.

Who Makes This Drug? Disclosing The Identity Of Generic Drug Manufacturers

Counting and identifying manufacturers able to supply the U.S. with generic drugs or their base ingredients is critical for promoting public health goals, yet the number and identity of these manufacturers is shrouded from public oversight. We recommend three measures that the U.S. Congress...

New Cures Require New Pricing Policies

One critical incentive for ongoing drug discovery and development is the temporary monopoly pricing that manufacturers can command for novel drugs. Yet this incentive, embedded in current patent and regulatory policy, does not guarantee that manufacturers will deliver novel products with...

April 16, 2015Health Policy Lab

Why Are Cancer Drugs Commonly The Target Of Schemes To Extend Patent Exclusivity?

The makers of branded pharmaceuticals have devised numerous ways to extend patent exclusivity for lucrative products in the United States. In June, the Supreme Court gave the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) clear authority to investigate and prosecute one of them, “pay-for-delay” agreements, but...

Winners And Losers From The Zaltrap Price Discount: Unintended Consequences?

Soon after Sanofi Pharmaceuticals’ Inc. August 2012 launch of the biologic drug ziv-aflibercept (brand name Zaltrap) into the U.S. market, its price triggered an unusual act of defiance on the part of oncolAogists. Physicians from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center stated in a New York...