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Susan DeVore is president and CEO of Premier Inc., a national healthcare improvement company uniting an alliance of approximately 3,750 U.S. hospitals and more than 130,000 other providers to transform healthcare. Named multiple times to Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Influential People and Top 25 Women in Healthcare lists, DeVore is an industry-leading thinker with a passion for innovation and leading industries through profound change. She engages healthcare stakeholders to identify best practices and co-develop solutions that support high-quality, efficient and sustainable care delivery models.

Recent Posts by Susan DeVore

The Humanity In End-Of-Life Care

Palliative care has been increasing in prevalence, in part due to new value-based care incentives. However, there is a significant misunderstanding about what defines effective palliative care among patients and providers.

A Look Forward To Health Care In 2017: Top Five Trends

With an eagerness for change, health care is in flux, and difficult decisions will need to be made that will directly affect Americans both socially and economically.

Six Big Trends To Watch In Health Care For 2016

With the upcoming Presidential election, health care is once again keeping us up at night. How much of the current debate is hyperbolic rhetoric? What policy changes are realistic in an election year? What market trends in the private sector will drive the most change?

Top 5 Health Care Trends to Watch in 2015

With a new Congress, health care is once again an issue of tremendous scrutiny and debate. Many of the federal policy debates in 2015 will be largely symbolic, resulting in little more than tweaks to existing law. However, health care policy is not just a matter for Congress to consider. A...

The Changing Health Care World: Trends To Watch In 2014

While today’s news is bombarding us with headlines about Healthcare.gov, the Affordable Care Act isn’t just about insurance coverage. The legislation is also about transforming the way health care is provided. Consequently, it has ushered in new competitors, services and business practices,...

A Framework For Accountable Care Measures

The Affordable Care Act included provisions to accelerate the transition to value-based payment, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Many private sector insurers, providers and employers also are moving in this direction. However, many of today’s measures are inadequate to the...