Stan Dorn is a senior fellow at Families USA. He is widely seen as a leading national expert on Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and the Basic Health Program; the individual insurance market; innovative strategies for enrollment and retention; and other topics. Dorn has worked at both the state and federal levels for more than 30 years on health care issues, typically focusing on low-income and other vulnerable populations.

Before Families USA, Dorn served as senior fellow at the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center; senior policy analyst at the Economic and Social Research Institute; health division director at the Children’s Defense Fund; managing attorney at the National Health Law Program’s Washington office; and project director of the Health Consumer Alliance. Dorn is a graduate of Harvard College and the University of California at Berkeley law school.

Recent Posts by Stan Dorn

Getting Risk Adjustment Right Is Key Under Any Individual Market Scenario

If insurers are unable to forecast their overall cost exposure under a risk-adjustment regimen, they might limit their offerings, raise premiums to create a margin of financial protection, or avoid the market entirely.

Senate Health Care Legislation Would Grant HHS Unprecedented Power Over States

Wholesale delegations of lawmaking power to Executive-branch agencies will almost certainly be larded throughout proposed legislation if the Senate approves this week’s expected “motion to proceed,” providing a real gut check for constitutional conservatives.

July 24, 2017Following the ACA

In Senate Health Care Bill, A Few Hidden Surprises

With legislation that governs one-sixth of the US economy and that directly affects the health and economic security of millions of constituents, Senators are being asked to vote largely in the dark.

Verifying Eligibility For Affordable Care Act Subsidies: Access To Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Editor's note: Matthew Buettgens coauthored this post with Stan Dorn. Considerable attention has focused on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) one-year suspension of employer penalties and reporting requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA)....

September 16, 2013Following the ACA, Insurance and Coverage

The Benefits Of Medicaid Expansion: A Reply To Heritage’s Misleading Use Of Our Work

In a publication released in numerous states as well as a JAMA Forum article and a recent list of ten supposed “myths” about Medicaid expansion, the Heritage Foundation repeatedly cites our paper for the proposition that “40 of 50 states are projected to see increases in costs due to the...

SCHIP: How Can SCHIP And Medicaid Reach More Eligible Children?

In SCHIP reauthorization, sound and fury surround the following question: What should be the highest income level for SCHIP-eligible children? The more important challenge facing policymakers, however, is covering low-income, uninsured children who already qualify for Medicaid or SCHIP, since...

August 22, 2007Insurance and Coverage