Steve Escaravage is a vice president in Booz Allen’s Strategic Innovation Group with more than 16 years of strategy and technology consulting experience. Escaravage leads Booz Allen’s Health Data Science Practice, serving federal and commercial health clients including the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health, and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Escaravage also leads Booz Allen’s research and development in the areas of electronic health record analytics and precision medicine. Prior to his current role, he lead technical delivery and business development activities for US civil health agencies, oil and gas production companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, financial services institutions, and organizations within the Department of Defense. Escaravage holds a Master of Science in operations research from George Mason University and a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from Rutgers University.

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Four Lessons In The Adoption Of Machine Learning In Health Care

Technology innovation systems are promising breakthroughs to improve diagnostic accuracy, tailor treatments, and even eventually replace work performed by clinicians. However, it is far from clear how it will transform health care in the short to mid-term.

Lessons Learned: Bringing Big Data Analytics To Health Care

Big data offers breakthrough possibilities for new research and discoveries, better patient care, and greater efficiency in health and health care, as detailed in the July issue of Health Affairs. As with any new tool or technique, there is a learning curve. Over the last few years, we,...

July 14, 2014Following the ACA, Health IT