Robin Gelburd is the President of FAIR Health, a national, independent nonprofit, with the mission of bringing transparency to healthcare costs and insurance reimbursement. FAIR Health maintains a national database of billions of healthcare claims; the data populates products and custom analytics for health plans, government, providers, unions, employers and researchers. FAIR Health also uses its database to power an award-winning website that enables consumers to estimate their healthcare expenditures based on geographic region and to understand principles of health insurance reimbursement. Ms. Gelburd has been invited to speak at conferences throughout the country to address issues of cost transparency and consumer engagement.

Prior to being recruited as President of FAIR Health, Robin served for eight years as General Counsel of a medical research foundation comprised of approximately 30 premiere academic medical centers, hospitals, and research institutions in New York dedicated to the promotion of medical research. During this period, Ms. Gelburd also served as Chairperson of the New Yorkers for the Advancement of Medical Research, a statewide coalition comprised of over 40 organizations which Ms. Gelburd helped found in 2003 and which had as its mission the promotion of state funding and support for stem cell research.

Prior to her tenure as General Counsel, Ms. Gelburd was a health law partner at a Manhattan law firm (now Manatt, Phelps & Philips LLP). During her ten years at that firm, she represented a wide array of healthcare-based clients on a variety of strategic, regulatory, policy, governance, business, and contractual matters. Previously, Ms. Gelburd worked as a litigation and corporate associate at the international law firm, Morrison & Foerster.

She began her legal career as a federal appellate law clerk to the Honorable Francis D. Murnaghan, Jr. from the Federal Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit.

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