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From Obamacare To Trumpcare

Health Affairs' newly redesigned and expanded Obamacare to Trumpcare Hub provides a place for trusted, timely, and organized analysis of changes in the health care system.

June 9, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Briefing: Pursuing Health Equity

Please join us on Tuesday, June 6, at a forum at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, featuring a high-level conversation on the issues with experts.

May 30, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Web First: ACA Improved Medical Care And Health Among Low-Income Adults

As the Senate evaluates potential changes to the Affordable Care Act, a new study, released today by Health Affairs as a Web First, examines the effects of gaining insurance coverage.

May 17, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Web First: Medical Marijuana Laws Associated With Decline In Medicaid Prescriptions

A new study of nine clinical areas investigated whether Medicaid enrollees in these states were less likely to fill prescriptions for these conditions, compared to enrollees in other states.

April 19, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Briefing: Securing The Future Of Value-Based Payment

You are invited to join Health Affairs on Tuesday, April 18, 2017, in Washington, DC, for a half-day forum for policy makers on the topic of “Securing the Future of Value-Based Payment.”

April 13, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs’ April Issue: Maternity Coverage, Children, Disability & More

The April issue of Health Affairs, a variety issue, contains studies about hospital pricing, health coverage for pregnant immigrant women, seat-belt use in the United States, and the amount of US physicians’ clinical time spent on computer-related tasks.

April 3, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Web First: Repeated TV Ads Increased Enrollment During The ACA’s First Enrollment Period

A new study looked at county-level data on uninsurance and Medicaid enrollment rates for adults younger than age sixty-five in 2013 and 2014 and found a strong and stable association between the volume of insurance advertising and health insurance gains in counties.

March 15, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Request For Abstracts: Diffusion Of Innovation

Health Affairs is planning a theme issue for February 2018 that will provide a broad look at diffusion of innovations in the health care delivery system. We invite all interested authors to submit abstracts for consideration for this issue.

March 13, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Sacramento Forum: Delivery System Innovation

Please join us on March 22 at a forum at the at the Central Public Library in Sacramento, California, featuring authors from the journal, and a variety of regional perspectives, for a discussion of innovations currently underway.

March 9, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs’ March Issue: Delivery System Innovation

The March issue of Health Affairs explores various aspects of delivery system innovation as it relates to efficiency, improved quality, better patient engagement, and a more satisfied clinical workforce.

March 6, 2017Elsewhere@ Health Affairs