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The Mixed (De)Merits Of ‘Bending The Cost Curve’

June 17th, 2011

Political scientists emphasize the importance of “framing” in policy debates.  The health care cost control debate in the United States has been reframed by the promotion of a metaphor, “bending the curve.”  This metaphor has merits but they are decidedly mixed. The sudden popularity of the idea of “bending the cost curve” is significant because […]

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Cadillacs Or Ambulances? The Senate Tax On ‘Excessive’ Benefits

December 3rd, 2009

Editor’s Note: For more on the controversy over taxing high-cost health plans, see “Taxing Cadillac Health Plans May Produce Chevy Results,” a Health Affairs Web First article by Jon Gabel and coauthors published today. The Senate “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act” draft legislation includes a steep excise tax on high-cost, so-called Cadillac insurance plans.  […]

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Dangerous Confusion On Medicare Cost Control

June 5th, 2009

In a May 15 Health Affairs Blog post, Jeff Goldsmith argues against creating a new Medicare-like public health insurance plan to compete with private plans. As part of his argument, Goldsmith asserts that Medicare has done a worse job of controlling costs than private insurers have done. Goldsmith bases this assertion on a recent paper […]

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